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5 Steps to Get Your Best Shave


Ingrowns suck. That's why we have our routine down to minimize 'em.

Step 1)

SOAK or SHOWER for five to ten minutes in warm water to soften hair for easier removal.

Step 2)

LUBE those legs. Yeah, we said it.. ;-) Coat your skin with SUGARCOAT Moisturizing Shave Gel-to-Milk (we don’t recommend soap unless it’s super luxurious and buttery - we want your legs protected, after all)

Step 3)

ANGLE THE SENSITIVE RAZOR at 30 degrees while slowly shaving in short strokes and rinsing the blade as you go. There’s no need to apply pressure like a standard multi-blade razor as the weight of the razor should provide just enough.

Step 4)

TONE. If you’re prone to ingrowns, We highly recommend using a cotton pad to swipe on some toner post-shave to gently exfoliate and lock in moisture.

Step 5)

MOISTURIZE with FEATHERWEIGHT Hydrating Body Gloss either while skin is still wet (but be careful not to slip in the bath) or right after drying off to ensure those gams stay hydrated.


Feel yo'self because you just got those legs dolphin smooth.


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