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Effective, clean ingredients that work for you.

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"Transforming shaving into a luxurious ritual."

“All the things you want for your face—hydration, brightness, and smoothness—this does for your body in a luxe serum.”

"Best razor for ingrown hair prevention."

"Economical and better for the environment, too."

"This razor is heavenly—it’s chic, easy to use, sustainable, and leaves my skin feeling like a slippery-soft dolphin..."


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Elevate Your Shaving Experience

From start to finish we've developed products that will have you saying goodbye to ingrown hairs, razor burn & irritation.

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Bodycare is Skincare

Skincare doesn't stop at your face. We focus on effective, clean ingredients that work for you.

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An Epic Guide to Treating and Preventing Ingrown Hairs

Naturally prevent and treat ingrown hairs.

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How to Shave With a OUI Razor

Shaving with a safety razor can feel miraculous to those with sensitive skin.

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Shaving Tips to Prevent Underarm Discoloration

Your pits will never be happier!

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No perfecting, flawless, or anti-aging claims. Just damned good products that make you feel great in your own skin.

The reConstitution of Beauty


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