You've never fit into one box. Neither have we. We’re here to honor your complexities—to say “f*ck that” to perfection. We celebrate your softness and your strength, and champion your journey to doing whatever makes you feel good. The only labels we care about list our ingredients—everything else is just noise.

From day one, we’ve gone #againstthegrain, believing that we deserve so much more than what’s out there. It began with a razor made for women, rather than a men’s razor dressed in pink. We're continuing that spirit of rebellion; creating products that nourish you and your body, instead of making you feel less-than with marketing terms like ageless and flawless.

We don’t settle for less than the best, and your needs are at the forefront of each product. Our ingredients are chosen for their efficacy, and our products are free from the usual suspects (parabens, synthetic fragrances, phthalates, animal-testing). Our razors aren't run of the mill (literally), they're custom milled to our exacting designs. A customer advisory board keeps us in check, testing every new product, and our packaging is recyclable or refillable. Our long-lasting steel razors avoid ending up in a landfill, where 2 billion plastic razors are found each year.

OUI the People.
YES to thoughtful beauty that does good by you, and the world around you. YES to you.

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