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How we think about sustainability.

Our Mission

It's estimated that 2 billion plastic razors end up in landfills every year, and the personal care industry is one of the largest waste producers.

We're on a mission to change that, with a thoughtfully designed approach to our products and the way they're packaged.

We rely on transparency in both our packaging (transparent packaging is more likely to be recycled) and in our growth towards more sustainable options as a company.


Stainless steel is the most recycled material on earth. Our single-blade is made of stainless steel as a durable, sustainable alternative to disposable plastic razors.

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Our body gloss was the perfect opportunity to introduce glass bottles. Made from relatively innocuous raw materials, glass is reusable and can be recycled and upcycled.

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SUGARCOAT is housed in an airless bottle with a removable cap. Our goal is to provide a safe-to-use product in the shower environment, experienced through an endlessly reusable experience.

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Our refill blades are 100% nickel-free and made of stainless steel, housed in a box that acts as both the dispenser and storage container for used blades.

Check whether your municipality has a safe sharps collection program.

Pharmacies and local drug stores will often provide sharps containers upon request. Once the blades are safely collected in the container, you can place them in a sharps container and drop back off at your local pharmacy.

Once you've safely collected your used blades, you can bring them to your local recycling center for safe disposal.

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