A More Sustainable Alternative To Disposable Razors

 We’ve already talked about how it’s estimated that over two billion razors end up in landfills every year. An article by Huffpost, explains that disposable razors, similar to plastic straws, are challenging to recycle. In addition to the variety of materials that comprise disposable razors, “the sharp blades also pose a safety risk to waste workers if they’re not disposed of properly.” There are other options people can take but this adds another step to the recycling process for those looking to responsibly dispose of their disposable razors.

While aesthetics and experience are top of mind for us, so is sustainability. Our stainless steel razor is built to withstand the test of time and, with simple components that can come apart with the twist of a handle, being responsible about blade disposal is made easy. In addition to the ability to remove the blade entirely from the razor, our blade packaging allows for safe storage of used (and new) blades until they’re ready for disposal. 


{Fun fact: during the 1950s, medicine cabinets often had a small slot in the back in which people could slip their used blades and they would just fall into the wall.}

 Want to know more about disposing of your used blades properly?

  • Always make sure your blades are securely placed in either the container we provide or a blade safe.
  • Check whether your municipality has a safe sharps collection program
  • Pharmacies and local drug stores will often provide sharps containers upon request. Once the blades are safely collected in the container, you can place them in a sharps container and drop back off at your local pharmacy.
  • Once you've safely collected your used blades, you can bring them to your local recycling center for safe disposal. Just ensure your blades are entirely secure.

With the knowledge that single-use plastics are becoming more of an environmental issue, we’ve developed a shaving experience that’s both luxurious and responsible while keeping the process of replacing and disposing of blades as seamless as possible.