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How To Get Rid of Strawberry Skin

How do I get rid of strawberry skin?

It's a question we're often asked around here, as strawberry legs can sometimes be related to shaving. So let's get right into it!

What is strawberry skin? 

Strawberry skin is the appearance of enlarged pores that contain sebum (oil), dead skin, hair, and bacteria. In short, they're like the blackheads of the body. They're totally normal!


What causes strawberry skin? 

Let's talk about what actually causes strawberry skin, and what you can do to keep it at bay. Here are two primary ways pores can become inflamed, resulting in the appearance of strawberry legs.


Folliculitis occurs when the hair follicles become inflamed.

Common causes include:

  • Lack of consistent exfoliation (aim for 2-3x a week) results in the pores becoming blocked by oil & dead skin cells.
  • Shaving with a dull razor causes the blades to tug and pull at the hairs, rather than deliver a smooth shave.
  • Keeping a razor in the shower encourages bacteria growth on the blade. Water and bacteria just go hand in hand.
  • Not moisturizing your skin.

Keratosis Pilaris

Keratosis Pilaris is a buildup of keratin, a natural and necessary protein that protects the skin from harmful substances and infection. It forms a plug that blocks the opening of the hair follicle, causing rough and bumpy skin to form.

Common causes include:

  • Lack of moisture to the skin.
  • Lack of exfoliation.
  • Seasonal changes, atopic dermatitis, and eczema are all culprits in keratosis pilaris as well.

Just think of it this way—if all of the above are considered "attacks" on your skin's barrier, it makes sense that the protein that protects your skin would go into overdrive.


How can I treat strawberry skin?  

Keep in mind that what we might consider a "skin condition" often has a genetic component, and no amount of scrubbing will make it go away completely, but daily maintenance may help dramatically.

Finding a solution for strawberry skin really breaks down to helping your cells turn over. You can do this through physical exfoliation or through chemical exfoliation. 


Chemical Exfoliation

CHEAT SHEET Resurfacing Body Serum

This resurfacing body serum works overnight, delivering a potent yet gentle team of AHA, BHA, and PHA acids to dissolve away dead skin cells + congestion, leaving your skin smooth, clear, bright, and bump-free, once and for all. 

I've struggled with KP forever and only a heavy duty glycolic lotion has ever helped smooth my legs but this stuff is a miracle in a bottle. I used it the first night I got it and was amazed to wake up to smoother legs OVERNIGHT. I love that it's not heavy and sticky like the glycolic lotion I normally buy and it only took one pump of product on each leg. —Rachel K. 

Physical Exfoliation 

FULL DISCLOSURE Cream Body Polish.

This high-powered cream body polish leverages physical and chemical exfoliants for a full-body microdermabrasion that takes dry, dull, and yes, even sensitive skin, to a brighter, smoother, more energized place.

This product smells so good! I love it, I've slowly noticed brightening of my skin. I use it 2-3 x a week, and it really does soften my rough areas —Jessica P. 


Shaving is a natural form of exfoliation

We've been conditioned to treat our razors as cheap additions to our shower routine, and as a result, they don't treat our skin very well.

If you haven't already, switch to our SENSITIVE SKIN RAZOR. This single-blade safety razor gently removes hair from the surface of the skin, unlike multi-blade razors that cause hair to dive below the skins surface, irritating follicles as they grow back.

And remember: always change your blades weekly and store your razor away from the shower when not in use to prevent folliculitis and bacteria growth. We know, it sounds fussy, but you know what? Your skin will thank you.


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