Rose Gold Sensitive Skin Razor


Razors are first come, first served, and available in limited quantities each month.

If you’ve tried every razor under the sun and come up empty-handed, The Single is here to set things straight. With just one single blade, this razor provides a close shave without all the hair-pulling and razor burn that usually follows, even for those of us with the thickest of curls. Built so that it applies just the right amount of pressure, there’s no pressing down or re-shaving involved, either––just a future free from pesky ingrown hairs and irritation.

• Includes a pack of 10 blades

How to use

Keep it at a 30 degree angle (it's intuitive), shave with short strokes and with a very light touch- it's weighted to add all the pressure you need. Want to nerd out with us on the details? Check out Anatomy of a OUI Razor on our Editorial page

Founder Notes

I didn’t set out to make a single-blade razor- I was just desperately in search of a solution to a lifetime of ingrown hairs and razor burn. That search led me to Germany, and a small factory hidden in an equally small town. They’ve specialized in razors for a century, and so we set out to make the best razor for sensitive skin. Your average 5 blade razor is comprised of a combination of dull and sharp blades- the first removes the hair, the rest cut the hairs so low they dive below the epidermis. As dead skin cells collect (gross, we know) the hair follicle gets clogged, the hair is trapped, and you’ve got ingrowns. Since a single-blade removes the hair evenly with the skin surface (yes, still a smooth shave) there are fewer chances of the hair getting trapped, folliculitis (irritation of the follicle), and inflammation. Now, I clearly nerd out on product dev, so in short, we're dermatologist recommended as “single blades minimize the trauma to the skin and therefore cause less razor bumps.” What makes ours even better is the attention to detail in the angle, weight, and blade exposure that ends in a beautifully gentle shave. Check out Anatomy of a OUI razor in our blog and our FAQ’s for more.