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Zoom THE SINGLE Rose Gold Sensitive Skin Razor | Oui the People
Zoom THE SINGLE Rose Gold Sensitive Skin Razor | Oui the People
Zoom THE SINGLE Rose Gold Sensitive Skin Razor | Oui the People
Zoom THE SINGLE Rose Gold Sensitive Skin Razor | Oui the People

Rose Gold Sensitive Skin Razor

$ 75.00

Irritation, bumps, and ingrown hairs be gone!

What it is: A weighted stainless steel safety razor, engineered to provide the best hair removal experience — gentle, designed for sensitive skin, for any body, and shaving anywhere.

The weighted stainless steel razor provides a close, smooth shave without damaging skin & follicles that often comes from having to continually go over skin to achieve a smooth result. Meaning ingrown hairs and razor burn are a thing of the past.

You can shave anywhere with your Rose Gold Safety Razor, from head to toe, and in between.

The Single Blade Safety Razor includes:

  • Rose Gold Sensitive Skin Razor
  • 10 replacement blades

Step 1: Best to shave at the end of your shower, or use a hot towel to soften the area.

Step 2. Apply Shaving Gel and massage in area for shaving.

Step 3: Hold the blade at a 30 degree angle and using no pressure at all (remember the razor is weighted), use short, quick strokes to shave legs, under arms, or bikini areas. Keep your glides short and don’t forget to always shave in the direction your hair is growing if you have sensitive skin.

Why use a Single Blade Safety Razor

- It’s designed to give you more control and a closer shave than traditional disposable razors. 

- It glides effortlessly, only requiring short strokes to shave for soft, visibly glowing results.

- It shaves at skin level, helping to prevent nicks, tugs, and bumps by carefully removing hair from the skin’s surface, instead of uprooting hair beneath the skin, which multi-blade razors and common disposable razors do (that’s why you get in-growns)

- The best part? It’s easy to clean, comes with 10 free replacement blades, and does away with the cheap feel and lifetime cost of disposable razors.  

- The safety razor isn’t only kinder on your skin, it’s kinder to the earth by not contributing to the billions of plastic razors added to landfill each year.

- Unscrew the handle of the razor

- Unwrap the razor blade, carefully holding by short ends. Place in Razor

-Remove the bottom plate of the razor head

-Place the blade on top of the razor head.

-Place the bottom plate (‘Made in’ should be visible)

-Reattach the handle and Make sure it’s twisted close tightly!

If you are a visual learner, here is a “how-to” video.

Rose Gold Sensitive Skin Razor

$ 75.00

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We Can't Make This Sh*t Up

How OUI Shave

Step 1: Exfoliate

Exfoliating helps get you a closer shave by cleaning the skins surface and pulling the hair away from the skin.

Step 2 - Apply Shaving Gel

Apply our shave gel-to-milk because it’s stunning, it works, and it lasts. Just sayin’.

Step 3 - Shave

Shave at a 30 degree angle. If your skin is particularly sensitive, shave in the direction of hair growth.

Step 4 - Hydrate

Keep your skin moisturized (we've got a thing for that) between shaves- it helps to prevent ingrown hairs. 


Will a safety razor prevent ingrown hairs and razor burn?

Since a single-blade (safety razor) shaves your hair at skin level, there are fewer chances of hair regrowth getting trapped below the epidermis, the surface of the skin. When hair has to struggle through your follicles, it causes irritation of those very follicles, resulting in itchy, inflamed regrowth. Ingrowns occur when that blunt hair gets trapped in the follicle and curls back under the skin. This happens less with a safety razor because it never shaves the hair below the surface of the skin to begin with. The rest is up to you, and it's rooted in skincare - especially for us curly people. Help your skin thrive by exfoliating and moisturizing. 

How long does the razor last and how do I care for it?

Your razor is designed to last for years with proper care.

Proper care includes:

- Store your razor out of the shower, leaving it exposed to steam and moisture can cause rust.

- Drying your razor after each use, both the handle and the blade. Two seconds to do this really extends the life of your razor. 

If rust develops - use a gentle castile soap, an old soft toothbrush, and gently scrub any rust. You can disassemble it and soak it in warm water for a few minutes before scrubbing if there is a lot of buildup. Dry with a towel and store when done. 

If your razor seems to be prone to rust (say you live in a very humid environment) apply a little oil after cleaning, as it prevents corrosion by repelling water.

How often should I change the blade?

As blades begin to dull with use, a fresh refill makes all the difference. Change weekly (especially if you shave often) for a close, ingrown-free experience.

Can I use a safety razor on facial hair?

Yes, but note that the angle and exposure on this razor is very tight, making it gentler and great for sensitive skin, but may require multiple passes to go over facial hair if it is coarse.

Is shaving with a safety razor dangerous?

Safety razors are not dangerous as long as you follow our directions. THE SINGLE Sensitive Skin Razor is weighted, so you do not need to apply additional pressure while shaving. Applying pressure with a weighted razor can cause nicks and razor burn, especially on those boney areas. Take your time with this - shave with slow, longer strokes. The best advice we’ve ever heard came from one of our customers “shave as if you were tracing a feather”. Y’all are so smart. Additionally, be sure you're using a shave gel (not soap!) that provides enough cushion, like SUGARCOAT Moisturizing Shave-to-Gel Milk.

Why is your razor so expensive?

We engineer and manufacture our single-blade razor in Germany, working with one of the few remaining specialty manufacturers that craft safety razors. The team is fairly compensated, and we use only the best materials in creating a uniquely designed razor that is more gentle on the skin than your average razor.

Can I travel with a safety razor?

A safety razor can only be packed in checked luggage, not carry-ons. *Shakes fist at TSA*

What happens if I damage my razor?

If a manufacturing defect occurs within 1 year of purchase, the product can be returned for a repair/exchange. Our policy applies to products that have manufacturing defects and does not include behavior that directly or indirectly cause damage such as: misuse, mishandling, lack of care, environmental conditions, drops, damage from chemical exposure, or over-tightening.

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