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How to Shave With a OUI Razor

We’ve all succumbed to the 5+ blade hype in pursuit of a better, closer shave. To those with sensitive skin, this usually amounts to a case of razor burn— ingrown hairs add insult to injury.

Shaving with a safety razor can feel miraculous to those of us with sensitive skin, here’s how to use one for your best shave. Oh, and in case you need to hear this, never shave dry, we also don't recommend soap. Shave gel or oil is your best bet for an irritation-free experience, as it acts as a buffer between the blade and your skin. 

1) How to Assemble Your OUI Razor

Twist the handle to unscrew the head. Remove the bottom plate and insert the blade. Replace the bottom plate. When assembled correctly, you'll see the ribbed lines facing upward. Reattach the handle, making sure it's tight! 

2) How to Shave Your Legs With a OUI Razor

The most important thing to note about your razor is that it's weighted to apply all the pressure you need. Adding pressure increases your chances of nicks and irritation. Shave using short, smooth strokes. If the skin is loose in the area, pull it taut. With a safety razor, you control the angle of the blade as you shave, keep the angle at about 30 degrees relative to your skin. For bony areas like shins, kneecaps, and ankles ease up on the pressure even more- these areas often have vellus hairs (thin, short, barely noticeable) that can be harder to catch in one pass. Add more cushion to those areas with SUGARCOAT Moisturizing Shave Gel-to-Milk and go over them slowly and with short strokes.  


3) How to Shave Your Underarms With the OUI Razor

The same rules about pressure apply when shaving your underarms with a safety razor, adding pressure results in irritation. Since hair grows in a few patterns under your arms, move up, down, and across if you find one direction doesn't provide a close enough shave. 

 4) How to Shave Your Bikini Line With the OUI Razor

Keeping that rule about pressure in mind, irritation-free shaving along the bikini line is as simple as holding the skin taut (for a closer shave). As hair growth is in multiple directions here as well, determine for yourself what direction you need to shave for your best results. If your skin is extra sensitive, go with the grain rather than against it. 

5) How to Store Your Used OUI Blades

Your refill blades come in a box that acts as a dispenser and storage container for used blades. Flip it over and slide the used blades in the back. We recommend changing your blades every 5-7 shaves to minimize irritation. 

  • Check whether your municipality has a safe sharps collection program
  • Pharmacies and local drug stores will often provide sharps containers upon request. Once the blades are safely collected in the container, you can place them in a sharps container and drop back off at your local pharmacy.
  • Once you've safely collected your used blades, you can bring them to your local recycling center for safe disposal. Just ensure your blades are entirely secure.




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