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Shaving Tips to Prevent Underarm Discoloration

Did you know?

“[sweat] gains odor when the bacteria known as corynebacterium present on the skin interacts with the sweat and oils creating the smell we know as ‘body odor,’” explains Dr. Zalka. That’s where underarm care... comes in: to not only to keep odor under control, but also contribute to your body’s overall well-being.” - Vogue

Along with daily cleansing, you can also exfoliate to help unclog any pores and avoid buildup of dead skin cells.

When shaving, be sure to gently glide your razor over the area being shaved and use a moisturizing shave gel. If you notice irritation, take a couple days off shaving and deodorant.

Follow up with a toner and moisturize once or twice a week (yep). We like Piperwai Underarm Oil.

Choose a deodorant with as few chemicals as you can find and, if you can, avoid aluminum in your deodorant as it can block pores. “It is possible to prevent odor without blocking sweat. Sweat is intentional; odor is preventable.” - Dr. Zalka for Vogue

And voila! Your pits will never be happier!

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