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Black-Owned Business Round-Up

Black-Owned Business Round-Up | Oui the People


In February, we celebrated Black History Month by sharing in our emails about black, female-owned businesses we love. We want to make sure this lives on and their businesses continue to be supported so have provided those here along with some additional businesses we hadn't yet covered in our emails over the course of the month.

Support black-owned businesses this month and every month.

With a name like YOWIE, you know it’s got some fire products. It practically begs you to shout it just for fun. Founded by Shannon Maldonado, YOWIE is a home and life shop focused on curating small collections from friends, independent artists, and designers.

We’ll take one of everything, thanks.

Redoux is a line of sophisticated scents and vegan skincare for the modern nostalgic.  Their products have been developed for and around experiences that we all share in common--excitement, stillness, love, growth; bottling memories through scent. Founder, Asia Grant, also offers consulting services to designing custom scents, scent marketing, art direction, and white labeling.

Sad Girls Club, founded by Elyse Fox, is a non profit 501(c)(3) organization founded to create community and diminish stigma around mental health. They strive to support women of color and the millennial & GenZ population. Plus, they have some super-cute merch. Be sad if you need to but this organization lifts our hearts.

Golde, founded by Trinity Mouzon Wofford and Issey Kobori, built their company based on superfood self-care and making it easy and accessible to all. They believe that being well should feel good. That means products that fit seamlessly into your lifestyle, not the other way around.

Plant Apothecary was founded by Holly McWhorter and Bjarke Ballisager, a couple with a great meet cute and an excellent product (we’ll leave you to Google how they met). PLANT Apothecary sets the standard in certified organic, eco-friendly self care—for your body and your mind; for those who demand the ultimate in clean, vegan, cruelty-free beauty and grooming.

Naaya Wellness was founded by Sinikiwe Dhliwayo with the desire to change the narrative of what it looks like and feels like to be well. Naaya exists to redefine this narrative into one that centers BIPOC folks. Because we know the beauty and the trauma that exist in our experience of living in BIPOC bodies.

Fawziyya Sugai founded GWELL, meaning “better” in Welsh, to help people seek balance. In knowing that women face many health challenges (fibroids, infertility, hair loss) from hormonal imbalance, gwell is one step toward balancing our body’s internal ecosystem. If that’s not enough for you to try gwell, they’re also on a mission to improve food equity by donating meals to children in need. How’s that for balance?

Gina Danza takes our breath away with her stunning photography. On her site, Wild Gina, you can shop prints of warm sunsets and red rocks to set the mood in any room. Whether it’s a peeled clementine in moody lighting to invoke a little hunger in the kitchen or a droplet, tenuously resting on a hosta leaf helping to inspire your nighttime breathwork practice, there’s a beautiful piece for you to hang in your home or gift to a beloved friend.

Duo,Célia Amroune and Aline Kpade, are behind Sacrée Frangine, which translates to Sacred Sister. These best friends created what they describe as an aesthetic universe that revolves around positive values in which everyone can meet. And we agree. Check out their Instagram to see their beautiful images and visit their shop to purchase prints, clothing, cards, and calendars.

Founded by Travis Weaver and Simon Black after Travis grew tired of being directed out of the “wrong” section while browsing womenswear, One DNA provides gender-neutral options that you’ll want to wear no matter how you identify. And if that’s not enough to get you to say “TAKE MY MONEY” then maybe you’ll love their tees, totes, and sweatshirts touting the phrase Women are Powerful… how we can’t resist?

At Home With Savvy, founded by Demetrius Robinson, is an online resource dedicated to elevating the quality of your home lifestyle. Spanning from design, food + cocktails to entertaining, there’s value within this community for each and every one of you!

Wear Brims, founded by Archie Clay III and Tajh Crutch, say their company was founded based on Faith, Family, and Confidence. They believe everyone should feel their best self and damn if we don't think everyone looks good in a well-made hat.



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