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Hydrate Dry Winter Skin With This 3-Step Routine

As the winter chill sets in, so does dehydrated skin.

Harsh winds, low humidity, and indoor heating can strip our skin of its natural moisture, leaving it feeling tight, flaky, and uncomfortable. With a simple and effective 3-step routine, you can banish winter skin and glow in all your radiant glory. 


Step 1: Gentle Exfoliation

Start your winter skincare routine with an exfoliator that won't further strip your skin of its essential oils. 

CLEAN SLATE Lactic Acid Body Wash

Our CLEAN SLATE Lactic Acid Body Wash gently exfoliates without stripping your skin's natural barrier, effectively removing impurities without causing additional dryness.   

Exfoliation is crucial in the winter to prep your skin for the next steps and ensure that your remaining skincare routine penetrates and hydrates effectively.


Step 2: Hydrating Boost

After cleansing, give your skin a hydration boost with a nourishing gloss that instantly relieves dry and flakey skin. 

Our award-winning (Best Body Oil 2023 as voted by Byrdie) FEATHERWEIGHT Hydrating Body Gloss includes key ingredients Organic Avocado Oil, Rosehip Seed 

FEATHERWEIGHT Hydrating Body Gloss

Oil and Sugarcane-Derived Squalane

This formulation results in a gloss that hydrates like a moisturizer and absorbs like a serum, delivering intense hydration, visibly brightened, and collagen-enhancing goodness for glowy, soft, and healthy-looking skin.


Step 3: Rich Moisturization

Finish off your routine with a rich and emollient moisturizer to seal in all the hydration from the previous steps. Use a product that is nutrient-rich with prebiotics to deeply moisturize and balance dry, stressed skin. Applying a generous amount of moisturizer daily will not only keep your skin moisturized but also create a barrier to prevent moisture loss throughout the day. 

HEALTH FOOD Prebiotic Lotion

 We recommend our HEALTH FOOD Prebiotic Lotion. HEALTH FOOD was created specifically as a lightweight, hydrating lotion with skin-balancing prebiotics and nourishing emollients to replenish dry, distressed skin and strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier for a healthier, brighter glow.

Incorporate these steps into your daily routine to combat the harsh effects of winter, ensuring optimal hydration and radiant skin.



Hydrating Body Gloss ORANGE BLOSSOM

A lightweight body oil meets serum with antioxidant and skin barrier-boosting ingredients for deep hydration and an instant glow.

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Hydrating Body Gloss CEDARWOOD

A lightweight body oil meets serum that delivers your most hydrated, supple skin

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Hydrating Body Gloss

A lightweight body oil meets serum with antioxidant and skin barrier-boosting ingredients for deep hydration and an instant glow.

$ 65.00
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