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What the heck is a single-blade razor?

Only the closest, smoothest shave ever. A single-blade razor is a metal razor, usually made of stainless steel or brass, featuring a single removable blade. It’s also called a safety razor because its design includes a bar that keeps the blade directly away from the skin. You’ll see us refer to it as both in our language.


Artist Spotlight: Johnny Nelson

I want to make some impactful pieces that are just loud and in your face but have a message, you know, that can help and inspire conversations for change. With...

On Drops with Karen Young

I hope our drops help to tether you to wonderful moments, limited-edition pieces that belong just to you and a few people in the world. Imagine that. In the world. DROPS....

The Best Bath Soak Upgrades

For a people-free relaxation experience. Meet BIG MOOD Bath Soak.  Foist of all, a bath just isn't a proper bath unless you've got your ritual down. Your body is a...

Artist Spotlight: Niege Borges

Niege Borges, a Brazilian artist & illustrator, collaborated with us to create a wearable piece of art representing a collective of women coming together- ALL BODIES ONE VOICE, ONE VOICE...

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