How long does the razor last and how do I care for it?

Your razor is designed to last for years, with proper care. Let's start with improper care:

Repeated drops may wear the coating off over time.

Leaving the blade in til the end of time can gather rust.

Keeping it under the stream of the shower.

Getting cleaning products on it (especially ones that contain harsh chemicals).

Now that that's out of the way, we know it can sound like you suddenly have this precious thing on your hands, but a little care goes a long way. 

Proper care is:

Store your razor out of the shower, leaving it exposed to steam and moisture can cause rust. Yes, we are making a holder. 

Dry after each use, both the handle and the blade. Two seconds to do this really extends the life of your razor. 

You've invested in this razor, store it in a cabinet to prevent moisture and other products from splashing onto it and causing erosion. 

If rust develops- use a gentle castile soap, an old soft toothbrush, and gently scrub any rust. You can disassemble it and soak it in warm water for a few minutes before scrubbing if there is a lot of buildup. Dry with a towel and store when done. 

If your razor seems to be prone to rust (say you live in a very humid environment) apply a little oil after cleaning, as it prevents corrosion by repelling water.