Big Mood + Cheat Sheet

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The DO NOT DISTURB Set(s) the mood for the ultimate PM vibe.

How to use this chill combo:

Step 1BIG MOOD. The bath soak with benefits.

Take the edge off with a handful of this detoxifying mix of magnesium, potassium, and calcium to send any tension down the drain. Organic aloe leaves the skin calm and smooth, with a complete sensorial trip to the land of bergamot trees. 

Step 2CHEAT SHEET. The resurfacing body serum, delivered the easy way.

Pore unclogging glycolic acid, texture smoothing lactic acid, and hydrating Atlantic sea kelp all work together to deliver on evenness, and brighter skin that is protected from future hyperpigmentation. (Not recommended to use post-shave. Use for arms, chest, back, legs, or anywhere that needs smoothing.)