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Zoom SHAPE SHIFTER Massage Tool | OUI the People
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The SHAPE SHIFTER Massage Tool

An at-home lymphatic drainage massage tool to help visibly firm skin, undo muscle tension, and smooth cellulite.

$ 25.00


The SHAPE SHIFTER is a daily massage tool rooted in traditional Ayurveda and designed to lift, contour, and smooth the body through ritualistic healing.

Crafted from resilient Beechwood, used in ancient healing rituals to improve the skin's appearance and reduce inflammation, SHAPE SHIFTER supports lymphatic drainage and releases negative energy from the body for clarity, alignment, and a better you.

Includes protective varnish and cotton mesh pouch for durability and easy cleaning.

How To Use

Apply FEATHERWEIGHT Hydrating Body Gloss and/or ALL IN ALL Melting Body Balm to treatment areas.

For legs and arms: Use short, gentle, upward strokes or small circular motions to massage the skin and muscles.

For torso: Use downward strokes pushing towards the lymph nodes for drainage. Maintain consistent breathing throughout the process to remain centered.

If skin begins to flush or turn warm, you've achieved adequate circulation. Stop the massage to not cause injury.


- Promotes lymphatic drainage and reduces inflammation to prevent water retention
- Balances and recenters by moving stagnant energy out of the body creating pathways for optimal health and high vibrations
- Loosens tense, shortened muscles for less stress and more flexibility
- Reduces appearance of cellulite and improves overall skin elasticity
- Supports bodycare absorption allowing products to be massaged into the skin boosting their results

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