Rose Gold Razor + The Big Reveal

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Shave, treat, repeat. 

The Tone-It-Around Set features our single-blade sensitive skin razor and The Big Reveal PHA Ingrown Relief Toner. Paired to treat ingrowns and irritation from the source and keep them at bay with softer, toned, hydrated skin.

THE SINGLE Sensitive Skin Razor (Rose Gold)

If you’ve tried every razor under the sun and come up empty-handed, The Single is here to set things straight. With just one single blade, this razor provides a close shave without all the hair-pulling and razor burn that usually follows, even for those of us with the thickest of curls. Built so that it applies just the right amount of pressure, there’s no pressing down or re-shaving involved, either––just a future free from pesky ingrown hairs and irritation.

• Includes a pack of 10 blades

THE BIG REVEAL PHA Ingrown Relief Toner

Poly-hydroxy acid, a.k.a PHA, is the shy sister to more aggressive acids, but we gave it front & center treatment in THE BIG REVEAL. Gluconolactone gently exfoliates, improves skin tone and texture, and draws water to sensitive skin. In this case, your bikini line or anywhere you experience ingrown hairs. Heavily supported by essential fatty acids and antioxidants, THE BIG REVEAL results in smoother, brighter skin without the added irritation.

Size: 4 fl. oz