Rose Gold Razor + Shave Gel-to-Milk + Featherweight

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The people made their own rules, shaved when they wanted, how they wanted, and in the end—not a single dry patch nor hint of an ingrown hair was to be found.


If you’ve tried every razor under the sun and come up empty-handed, THE SINGLE is here to set things straight. With just one single blade, this razor provides a close shave without all the hair-pulling and razor burn that usually follows, even for those of us with the thickest of curls. Built so that it applies just the right amount of pressure, there’s no pressing down or re-shaving involved, either––just a future free from pesky ingrown hairs and irritation.


This is absolutely the time to SUGARCOAT things. A life-saver on busy days when time is of the essence, this unique gel transforms into a milky texture when massaged into wet skin. Argan, grapeseed, marula, and sunflower oils up the ante on the moisture. What do you call it when you step out of the shower with your bits already hydrated? A good day. A subtle touch of jasmine and neroli oil leaves you smelling pretty fantastic too.

*Due to sourcing issues your order may arrive with a white cap, however the product is the same!*

Size: 5 oz.

Packaging: Refillable airless bottle

Scent: Neroli Jasmine

Post-shave feels: Silky smooth


Not into drinking 8 glasses of water a day? We get it. Consider Featherweight your get out of jail (read: dry skin purgatory) free card. The luxe combination of squalane (derived from olives), rosehip, and avocado oil sinks into skin immediately, leaving you with a glossy glow that’s never greasy. It can be used as a pre-moisturizer serum or fly solo on days when less is more.

Size: 3.3 fl. oz 

Packaging: Italian glass bottle, recyclable cap & outer packaging