DEEP V - Bikini Line Sheet Mask: Single Pack

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Old logo (we rebranded), same goodness. While supplies last.

Cool the burn. Soothe the post-shave new growth itchies. Listen, we'll keep it real, hair removal is a chore! Our deeply hydrating sheet mask is here to help. The biocellulose material is paired with a serum specially formulated in smaller particles to better penetrate the skin, delivering humectants and plant extracts that soothe, brighten, and restore the bikini area. Honey extract adds moisture to depleted skin, while niacinamide and rose extract add a dose of brightening powers. Get used to the term hydrophilic, i.e. the ability to attract and retain water- the organic organisms that make up this medical-grade sheet mask do exactly that for your parched bikini line. 

Skin type: normal to sensitive

Skin feels: cool to the touch, hydrated

Concerns: Dry, itchy, ingrown-prone, irritated skin

Material: Medical-grade biodegradable cellulose