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Is a Safety Razor Better For Women? We Definitely Think So


We love seeing more and more women ditch the pink plastic for stainless steel safety razors. It’s estimated that TWO BILLION razors end up in landfills every year. Yikes. While we’re big on the bonus of irritation-free legs, safety razors are also made to last. So, less consumption and smoother skin? Yes to that!

If you haven’t made the switch yet, We get it - safety razors are intimidating! What if you cut or nic yourself? It can happen, sure, but with a well designed and engineered razor and proper technique (explained below), shaving with a safety razor can be a relaxing and luxurious experience. Let’s take a look at how a single-blade safety razor can be your skin’s new BFF.

Why Women Switched To Plastic Razors

Did you know women were shaving with safety razors in the 1950s? That is, until manufacturers learned they could make almost any product quicker and cheaper with plastic. These were way more lucrative for manufacturers since they had to be replaced far more often. Shorter product lifespan = more purchases = more profit. Nevermind the havoc they were reaping on the earth by sitting in landfills. With access to cheaper materials, brands and advertisers began convincing women the more blades, the better.

We get the logic -- more blades = better shave, but it’s simply not true. More blades leads to irritation, specifically razor burn and ingrown hairs. TL;DR: Multi-blade razors often removed layers of skin causing razor burn. Or they cut the tip of the hair too sharply, causing it to curl back and grow inwards creating ingrown hairs, aka razor bumps.  

We love Alix Tunnel’s explanation of why a single-blade is better in this Refinery29 article, so I’m borrowing from that: “But a single-blade razor will never do you wrong like that. It'll cut off the hair bluntly in one pass — no catching or dragging. It won't clog, meaning less bacteria buildup. In fact, my skin has never been this clear and even-textured.”

So maybe ladies are starting to return to the idea of a safety razor for women after all? Perhaps part of your hesitance is lack of knowledge about how to shave. Fear not, we’re here to share all the information you need to make the switch, including proper shaving technique!

Developing the Proper Shaving Technique

So, it’s all about technique, but don’t worry, it’s a simple one. The handle of our THE SINGLE Sensitive Skin Razor is weighted so you don’t have to apply pressure. After letting your hair get soft in a warm shower or bath, apply SUGARCOAT Moisturizing Shave Gel-to-Milk and allow the razor to glide over the hair. No pressing down, no pulling, no dragging - just a straight cut of the hair.

A Safety Razor Designed For Women

It’s important to note that not all safety razors are designed the same. Many are designed with men in mind. For coarse, thick hair on a surface free of peaks and valleys, if you will. Women’s skin needs some extra TLC. For one, we have more sensitive skin. And most of us explore territory with a razor most men don’t; we’re navigating different curves.

With our razor, we made design tweaks specific to a woman’s shaving needs - no matter where she shaves. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Stainless steel: We made our razor from stainless steel because it’s the traditional metal of safety razors and lasts longer than most metals.
  • Angle: Oui Shave’s blade and safety razor head is designed to cut through the hair at a clean angle. This prevents hair from growing back sideways into the skin, which results in ingrown hairs.
  • Weight: As mentioned, our razor is weighted so no added pressure is needed for a close shave. Multi-blade razors are designed with blunt blades so that you have to push in order to achieve a close shave.
  • Handle length: We designed the handle for maximum comfort. Shaving your ankles is much different than shaving your face - sometimes you need a little more reach.
  • German engineered: Germany has been making high-quality safety razors since the early 1900's and are well-known for their skilled craftsmanship. Why would we go anywhere else?
  • Rose gold: Because you and your skin deserve to feel special. :)

    Single Blade Safety Razor For Women


    Creating A Shaving Experience

    Shaving doesn’t have to be a chore. It can be your self-care time. Light some candles, create a bath with essential oils, and take the time to shave with care. Your skin will thank you for it.



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