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A better shave for women by women

Calling the Oui Shave razor “good” would be hugely understating things...
— Harper's Bazaar

"The razor glides effortless over my skin and I feel nothing- the hair is gone in an instant. My legs are silky smooth and there is no razor burn."
— Megan McIntyre, Refinery 29
"I have been LOVING my Oui Shave products! Your Samantha razor and Neroli shave oil are insanely amazing. As someone who has super sensitive skin, it has been such a relief to find a razor that does not cause a single bit of irritation. Seriously a miracle. I’ve even noticed the hair grows back softer."
— Shannon R.
"Oui’s luxe combo of Neroli shave oil and and gold plated razor makes shaving something to look forward to in the morning (And yes, I can’t believe I’m saying that either...it’s just that good)."
— Beauty Bets


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