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WTF: How-To

Maybe you were looking for a sensitive-skin-friendly option and a friend pointed you in our direction, or perhaps you value our focus on sustainability and breaking out of outdated beauty standards. Whichever way you’ve found us, we are glad you’re here! Perhaps you’ve made the leap to try out our THE SENSITIVE RAZOR. Not only have you invested in a high-quality product, you’ve also invested in yourself. 

We are here to say that you are WORTH IT and so is your razor.

When the box first arrives, most wonder, “how the heck do I put this thing together?” While we include helpful instructions, it is easy for even the most experienced Oui-the-People-er to install the razor base upside down (guilty!) resulting in a disappointing shave and many emails in my customer service inbox. 😉 I’m here to help!

If you are a visual learner, here is a “how-to” video. The most important part to remember: “Made in Germany” on the razor base should be pointing away from the top of the razor.  You will want the grooved part of the razor base to be facing toward the top of the razor. The actual blade will sit on the grooved side. 

Fun fact: the channels in the razor are what pull the hair up and to the blade. Amazing right? The difference is SIGNIFICANT! Much like the difference between rushing a self-care routine versus taking the time to self-invest in what feeds your mind, body, and soul. You know exactly when you’ve created the channels that lift you up. 

You’ve made the investment… now it’s time to take the best care of it! And, just like you, TLC is important. So repeat after me… 

I will NOT store my razor in my bath / shower.  

I will DRY my razor. 

I will make a home for my razor in a DRY place.  

This is our Razor 101. You wouldn’t jump into your clothes covered in water, would you? Don’t do the same with your razor! When you dry yourself off with a towel, take the extra 30 seconds to carefully dry off your razor (inside and out for best results) and store it in a cabinet. Protect that baby from unnecessary moisture that can cause rust and corrosion (ew) just like you protect and take care of your inner self. 

More often than not, if you let the build-up occur inside, one little drop can cause a crack or break. This is true of your razor, and yourself. I encourage you to take an extra 30-seconds today to breathe deep and evaluate your inner self. Is there any “rust” you need to take care of? How can you invest in yourself today? You. Are. Worth. It. 

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