For me, anyway.

Removing body hair can be a bit of a loaded topic; societal beauty standards, personal preference, partner preference, but for me, besides that personal preference bit (I love the feeling of freshly shaved skin), it's also important for my comfort.

In my adulthood, I've found a love for running, a sport that is as masochistic as it is fulfilling. The number of times I've heard "it's bad for your knees" or "if you see me running, it's because a bear is chasing me" or just plain old "running is awful" are innumerous.

But hey, I get it. Just like shaving with a single blade razor, running takes patience (see that tie-in? ayyyy), especially if you're starting it later in life. Sure, all you need is a pair of running shoes, a pair of shorts, and a solid sports bra, but no one warns you about how challenging it is to string a mile together, learning how to pace and breathe, hydration, and worst of all, CHAFE.

As I've moved from a "hobby jogger," a phrase I use lovingly, to a competitive runner (competitive with myself; don't look up my times, please), I'm learning how many places can chafe. You wanna know how many? ALL. ALL PLACES CAN CHAFE. Thighs, cracks (yep), groins, underarms, you put your keys in the wrong pocket and you'll find chafe on a hip or butt cheek, the wrong seam can chafe random parts of arms or legs; I have found chafe in places I thought would never know the pain. And while not all places can be saved by smooth skin, some can.


While my preference is a Brazilian wax to keep my bits smooth AF, that sensitive area still benefits from some TLC, so to not only keep my skin smooth but also healthy and free of irritation, I use THE BIG REVEAL toner after every shower and follow up with an occasional AROUND THE BUSH bikini mask when my groinage could use a bit of extra care.

I'll still be slathering anti-chafe in every crack and crevice to reduce my risk of burnin', but with hair-free, ingrown-free skin my chances of a chafe-free experience on my next long run improve exponentially.

No ingrowns. No problem.