Shine Bright: The Benefits of Sunflower Oil

Shine Bright: The Benefits of Sunflower Oil | Oui the People


The first ingredient in our favorite shave gel, sunflower seed oil, tends to be overlooked; surprising, because sunflowers are such bright, happy flowers, you think it would be the star of the show. This unassuming ingredient is full of beneficial properties to keep your skin bright and supple without clogging your pores (or your razor).

Vitamin E, a natural antioxidant, occurs in sunflower seed oil, protecting skin from from adverse effects of sun exposure, helping skin heal,  and moisturizing. While we aren't about anti-aging (we like what's natural), we are all for protecting our skin from wrinkles caused my sun damage and vitamin E helps with exactly that.

Sunflower oil also contains linoleic acid, a compound that helps skin to maintain it's natural barrier and retain moisture. Linoleic acid on the skin has anti-inflammatory effects, improving dry skin. It also protects skin against bacteria and germs!

Source: healthline