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Hydration Station - A Guide to Glowing Skin


Oui the People FEATHERWEIGHT Body Gloss

History has seen its fair share of great debates. Abraham Lincoln vs Stephen Douglas in 1858. Lloyd Benston vs Dan Quayle in 1988. The most enduring historical debate of all? Water vs oil. 

Like any good outcome, it turns out that both sides need to work together in order to function well. And by functioning well, we mean you’re positively glowing and hydrated. In the great water versus oil debate, what matters do you actually get your healthiest, most hydrated skin?

First, you should know when your skin isn’t on optimal hydration. When your skin is dehydrated (itchy, dull, increased fine lines), it lacks water. When it’s dry (scaly, flaky, increased irritation), it lacks oil. 

Hydrating (lotion or serum-based) products bind water to the skin through humectants. Humectants draw water from the environment (and the product) and bind it to the skin, giving skin cells a proverbial drink of water. Combining humectants with emollients (skin softeners) and occlusives (humectant & emollient trappers) is key to hydrated and soft skin for the long term. 

Moisturizing products seal in said hydration and protect your existing lipid (oil) barrier. Sealing in that hydration keeps the skin feeling soft & smooth. While hydrators fend off dehydrated skin, moisturizers actually lock in that hydration. Like the one-two punch of dewiness. While oil can function as an occlusive and as an emollient, it’s not a humectant. Remember, oil will seal the moisture already on your skin, but won’t draw moisture to the skin. If you wonder why we recommend applying your body oil right out of the bath, it’s for exactly that reason- to seal in all that gorgeous moisture you were just gifted.  




Unable to find the ultimate product that hydrates like a serum and seals like an oil, we developed FEATHERWEIGHT. It’s that moment suspended in time when your skin is glossy and gleaming- before you sit on the couch and leave behind a grease stain the shape of your legs. And, well, the shape of your behind since we’re on the subject. FEATHERWEIGHT is an ode to Lily, Lucy, and Beth who were amongst our customers asking for a solution to dry, itchy, sensitive skin. 


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