Structured water? Wha?

Looking to stay hydrate but the thought of drinking 8 glasses of water a day is challenging at best? Enter: structured water.

You actually probably eat structured water more than you realize, especially in the summer. OK. So what is it?

Structured water, also known as gel water, can be found in certain "plants such as aloe, melons, greens, and chia seeds, offers an extremely effective way to stay hydrated, energized, and healthy." - Shape

"Because most of the water in your cells is in this form, we believe the bodies absorb it quite efficiently," says Dr. Cohen, co-author of Quench.

Why is this so helpful? Well, not only does structured water make hydrating less daunting because we get to consume delicious fruits and veggies to get the water we need but it also helps us to stay hydrated longer. Because these foods already contain glucose or sodium, our body absorbs the water and you don't just pee it out. In order to do this with plain water, we would need to supplement in with electrolyte products such as nuun or Base Salt which are great, but if you're not in the mood for a flavored beverage (or straight up salt), this can be just as daunting as throwing back plain water.

So if you're looking to hydrate without the hassle of carrying a gallon of water with you everywhere, try including more water-rich foods in order to hit your hydration goals and feel your best.