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AMA with Karen

You asked, we answered. Let's go.

Please, please, please, tell me where I can get your lightweight body oil or an alternative. It is the only thing that has ever worked for me.

It's coming back so much sooner than you think! *cough* by July *cough* And I'm so glad to hear how well it works for you. I've been living off the drops of my last bottle.

Let's say you've got some leg hair you want to get rid of but you've got facial hair too. We know the shaving milk and razor are optimized for legs, but do they work well for the face too?

I just saw a friend a couple weeks ago with a clean-shaven face and he'd used Sugarcoat. He looked pretty fresh too. In short, yes, you can use it on your face but I'd suggest doing a patch test for any reaction.

[What are your thoughts on] sustainability in packaging solutions (i.e. not landfilling or leaving up to local recycling)?

Great question Diana! The industry is getting so much better at sustainable solutions than it was a decade ago. Meaning there's more innovation but believe it or not, sustainability is still novel- therefore pricier and doesn't always work. So here's how we're trying to help: we're using recyclable packaging and cutting out treatments that make it hard to recycle. We've lightened the stock on our boxes and switched to printing that has no coating. And our razor will always be made from stainless steel as it's the easiest to recycle and renew. That said, I think it's really hard to be truly sustainable once you're packaging and shipping products around the world and that is something that nags at me. I'm open to any thoughts on how we can do better! And we're also looking into refills on products like Sugarcoat and Featherweight as well- let me know if you're into that!

When will we get more FEATHERWEIGHT Hydrating Body Gloss?

Featherweight is currently in bulk testing at the lab. A crucial last step in every production run to make sure it meets our safety standards. Which also means it's just weeks away from being back in stock!

Can I use the exfoliant and the serum on the same night? Your products are fire BTW!

You're fire!! So grateful to hear that. You know, I think we've gotten into over exfoliating in the last few years and our skin is so sensitized as a result. I'd like to avoid this on the body- so I suggest you alternate days. If you're dealing with really stubborn rough skin- do a small patch test one evening and make sure to use sunscreen the next day.

Can I use Full Disclosure right after a Brazilian wax?

Yes, you can! You might notice a slight tingling and redness from the lactic acid as it hits that newly bare skin but this shouldn't be full on inflammation. If it is uncomfortable, wait 1-2 days as the skin heals itself and then use Full Disclosure.


Will OtP be available in stores soon?

Maybe next year? We have some wonderful retailers who'd like to partner with the brand but our focus is on reaching you directly rn. Honestly this type of interaction is so valuable to us and we don't want to lose that just yet. We've designed our entire product roadmap based on your skin concerns over the years, not what's "trending".




Rose Gold Sensitive Skin Razor

A stainless steel weighted razor custom-engineered for a closer, smoother shave that lasts longer–without irritation or ingrown hairs. Includes 10 blades.

$ 85.00

Hydrating Body Gloss ORANGE BLOSSOM

A lightweight body oil meets serum with antioxidant and skin barrier-boosting ingredients for deep hydration and an instant glow.

$ 65.00

Lactic Acid Body Wash

A rich body wash with lactic acid (AHA) that gently exfoliates for smoother texture and even skin tone.

From $ 10.00
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Resurfacing Body Serum

A fast-acting resurfacing body serum with AHA, BHA, and PHA acids to exfoliate sleepy skin cells and unclog stubborn pores.

From $ 16.00
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