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WTF is Sea Fennel Extract

A plant-based retinol alternative that thickens the epidermis and promotes collagen production, while promoting cellular turnover. Unlike traditional Vitamin A derivatives, it is proven to soothe irritation and inflammation. It is rich in minerals and natural Vitamin C. 

Who Benefits from Sea Fennel Extract?


  • Has dry skin
  • Prone to irritation with retinol
  • Looking to increase collagen production to help reduce visibility of stretch marks or cracks in skin. 

Bodycare Products with Sea Fennel Extract

Melting Retinol Body Balm

This first of its kind body balm, powered by plant-based retinol alternative and adaptogens actively smooths skin texture and boosts collagen production, while nourishing and deeply moisturizing to reveal your most supple, radiant, resilient skin.


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