This is not a straight razor

Well, that technically isn’t a question, is it? Let’s reframe it. Is a safety razor the same thing as a straight razor? No. A straight razor is the stuff of Sweeney Todd's dreams. A straight razor is the old barber style razor that features a blade and a handle that folds in on itself. A red, white, and blue twirly pole, a hot bearded barber, and an equally hot towel are generally involved. We wouldn’t bring that anywhere near your legs, but we are happy to provide hot barbers...we digress.

So why when you google “safety razor” do “straight razors” come up, leading us to ask ourselves a non-FAQ about it? Because razor brands are using the term “straight razor” in their SEO in hopes that you’re searching for any razor and hey...that’s a living breathing customer so why not? We see customers who’ve been miseducated about razor styles commenting that the OUI razor is a straight razor so thought we'd address that here. You know, in this non-FAQ question. 

TL;DR- the OUI razor is a safety razor or a single-blade razor, not a straight razor.